proactive monitoring
24x7 in the enterprise


Prevention, detection and preemption

We offer an uninterrupted service of high quality and availability to all those companies that cannot have their IT infrastructure down and want to ensure a quality experience to the users of their Web applications.

Identification of the
vulnerable areas



Provides an additional layer of protection and reduces the chances of becoming a victim of an attack


    Complete and comprehensive customer care, protection and support.
    Assistance and response in emergency situations available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Europe or North America. This service provides an efficient, constantly updated, first-hand information channel.


    We perform an exhaustive real-time monitoring of the operation of your services that will allow us to detect and solve problems before they affect the performance of your IT infrastructure.

  • Automated alerts

    The systems we implement are intelligent and inform you on your mobile or desktop system what is happening in real time. You will be able to parameterize what information you need.No matter where you are, you can be informed of the health of your company's information systems.

  • Data analysis

    We analyze the data collected to detect patterns and trends, allowing us to improve your IT infrastructure.

  • Documentation

    We keep a detailed record of all incidents and actions taken, which allows us to better solve future problems.


At Encora we perform a technical audit of your environment. Based on this information and your company’s growth forecasts, we recommend the most appropriate 24×7 proactive monitoring solution.

Each case must be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. However, we work with very powerful and flexible tools that will surely adapt to your environment, whether it is a medium or large company.

For most companies PRTG Network Monitor can be a suitable solution. 

Provides complete visibility into the IT infrastructure by offering 24×7 proactive real-time monitoring of IT resources and devices, allowing problems to be detected and fixed before they affect end users.

In addition, PRTG is highly configurable and customizable, allowing 24×7 proactive monitoring to be tailored to the specific needs of each organization. It is also easily integrated with a wide variety of devices and systems, enabling complete visibility into the IT infrastructure.

Real-time alerts on problems and errors can also be set up, allowing IT teams to respond quickly and resolve issues before they affect end users. 

24x7 proactive MONITORING IN AZURE

Advanced observability for your entire Azure infrastructure

We take care of mapping dependencies to optimize the monitoring of Azure cloud services, including AKS, Database Performance, App Service, HDInsight…

Thanks to the proactivity in our monitoring service, we detect incidents or problems with root cause having visibility at scale of hosts, containers, virtual machines, network, logs, devices and many more.