NCORA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, S.L.U. is a technology consulting firm that offers quality services for companies in the ICT world, particularly in the world of infrastructures. We offer our clients services in the areas of Consultancy, Security, Cloud, Managed Services, Infrastructure and ICT Training, with the commitment to help simplify our client’s daily management of information technologies and improve their competitiveness.

ENCORA‘s main premise is to provide ICT services, whose level of quality and security makes them competitive and appropriate to the needs of its customers and the environment in which its activities are carried out. For this reason, it has adopted a Quality and Information Security policy in which its commitment is presented to:

  • To offer a quality service to our clients based on Innovation, Knowledge, Commitment and Flexibility of the Organisation.
  • To provide and maintain the structure of the Organisation in the technological, administrative and training aspects necessary to ensure compliance with the applicable requirements in all our products and services, including information security.
  • To guide the organisation’s activity in order to achieve the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction, by means of personalised treatment according to their needs.
  • Ensure the participation and involvement of all the Organisation’s personnel in the fulfilment and development of the Integrated Management System.
  • Ensure commitment to the development, implementation and maintenance of an Information Security Management System, based on the identification and protection of information assets, guaranteeing security at each stage of the system’s life cycle; taking special care in relations with suppliers. Third parties must guarantee compliance with the information security policy, based on auditable standards that allow ENCORA to verify compliance with these policies.
  • Establishment of an information security system characterised by:

    • Availability. ENCORA ensures at all times that authorised personnel and processes can access information when required.
    • Integrity.
      ENCORA manages to maintain the accuracy and completeness of the information and all processing methods it employs.
    • Confidentiality. One of ENCORA’s priorities is to ensure that all information it handles is not made available or disclosed to unauthorised individuals, entities or processes.
    • Maintains the security of information transferred within the organisation and with any external entity.
    • Appropriate security measures are detailed to ensure that ENCORA information is not compromised during the use of mobile devices.
    • With access control applied throughout the organisation, based on documents implemented according to auditable standards that allow us to verify that these policies are complied with.
    • If necessary, it employs techniques for the protection of documents and data through cryptography.

  • To guarantee that the commitment to continuous improvement is clearly understood and assumed by all employees, as an essential way to ensure the company’s competitiveness and maximum customer satisfaction.

Sóller, 23rd October 2019

General Management.