Small changes make big transformations

Protect our nature and contribute to acts of solidarity.

These are two fundamental values for Encora. For this reason, we wish to put on record and show our commitment to everything that helps to improve the future of our environment.

Anything, no matter how small, has an impact. At Encora we want to do our bit for all those causes that help to improve our society, our environment and our future. We want to contribute to the creation of a better future for the next generations. We are committed to support all those projects that share the same values as Encora. We want to be part of the cause and thus make the effect grow.

Discover our environmental initiatives

Vivir corriendo,
correr viviendo



Tòfol Castanyer, a runner of mountain races and Ultratrails, presents his book “Vivir corriendo, correr viviendo”, a compilation of twenty chapters written by the hand of Mercè Valero in which he puts down on paper all his experiences.

 Tòfol presents us with a solidarity project in which Encora has donated to the association Duchenne Parent Project España one euro for each copy published. 

Donation for refugees from Ukraine

World Central Kitchenis a non-profit non-governmental organisation founded by Chef José Andrés.

Since 24 February, WCK has been stationed at a 24-hour border crossing in southern Poland to prepare and serve hot and nutritious food for all refugees.

We at Encora condemn the military aggression against Ukraine and are committed to helping refugees and war-affected people. 

We know that any help is good and that is why we have decided to make a donation to WCK.

encora con el futuro

Passes per en Pau

Solidarity sports challenge carried out by Tòfol Castanyer.

The aim was to raise funds to buy an adapted wheelchair for Pau, a young man affected by Duchenne disease. 

Thanks to the great participation in the challenge, the initial target of €15,000 was tripled and generous donations were made to the Asociación Duchenne nd the Miró Pastor Foundation in Sóller.

Our environmental initiatives

«The defence of nature is a
direct complicity with life»

Joaquín Araújo

KM0 Technology

At Encora we see the consequences of pollution on climate change very clearly.

That is why, being a company based in Spain and Mexico, we carry out our services remotely to avoid the impact of travel. 

As we have employees all over Spain and Mexico, we have implemented a teleworking policy that favours the reduction of CO2 emissions and has a positive impact on the environment. 

Reforestation days

Planting trees is one of the most important actions we can take to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as well as helping to reforest and recover natural spaces.

That is why our company wants to contribute part of our business profit to the implementation of reforestation days.