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Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s enterprise cloud service. Many companies around the world are betting on having some or all of their services in Microsoft’s public cloud.

Azure is a geographically distributed Cloud that guarantees maximum availability of our corporate services.  If you are thinking of migrating part or all of your information systems to the cloud, Encora can help you with full guarantees. We are partners in Spain and Mexico.

In addition, at Encora we are experts in IT Infrastructure so we understand perfectly well that you probably want a hybrid environment.

If you are thinking of migrating part or all of your information systems to the cloud, Encora can help you with full guarantees. We are Azure Partners in Spain and Mexico.

Encora Microsoft partner Silver

encora is an azure certified partner in spain and mexico.

VDI on Azure

No upfront investment

NO permanence commitment

Hybrid cloud: Azure and your current environment

Managed services

VDI Azure

Encora webinar: Uses and functionalities of Azure Files

In this Encora Webinar held in November 2021, we discussed with our TAM & Presales Manager, Nacho Bellido, the various ways of using Azure Files and the possible implementations and recommended architectures.

Encora webinar: complete migration of a datacenter to azure

In this Encora Webinar held in February 2021 we discussed with our TAM & Presales Manager, Nacho Bellido, everything we need to know to complete the process of successful migration of a Datacenter to Azure.

Full Cloud for the enterprise




Encora webinar in which our TAM & Presales Manager, Nacho Bellido explains the advantages of Azure Backup in terms of performance, cost, security, integration and service model.

You will learn how to easily backup your Azure environment (Vm, App Service, Azure Files) and your On Premise environment. We will take the opportunity to discuss some of the main features that allow you to make Azure a backup destination for your environments using third-party tools.


Most common questions and answers we receive in these Cloud projects

How much does it cost?

It is a pay-per-use cloud, so any service is billed in this modality. All expenses can be calculated in advance, which reduces almost to zero the surprises in the bill. 

At Encora we make sure that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises in your monthly Cloud bill.


Yes, Azure can connect via VPN to any cloud and any firewall. If you have any services on AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

It can work with them without problem. Likewise if you have a private cloud it integrates seamlessly.

how do I control my spending?

Within the portal, we have different methods of expense control, from Encora we also provide an expense control tool in which we can also establish consumption alerts, so that we are informed of possible deviations at all times.


Are you worried about having your data in the Cloud and that it is not secure enough? Azure is certified in the National Security Scheme (Spain and Europe). Globally complies with the most stringent security requirements.

how do I perform the migration?

There are several tools to help with the migration of your data. For smaller environments we have Azure Migrate and for medium and large enterprise environments we use Azure Site Recovery. This tool is also used for Disaster Recovery.


You can make snapshots of our virtual machines. We also have Azure Backup, which allows us to back up our environment.

We can also integrate it with third-party tools such as Cohesity for greater resiliency.


We must think that our Cloud environment is nothing more than an extension of our office or another delegation. For the connectivity of the environment there are different alternatives but the most common are Azure Gateway, Azure Express Route.


It has data centers all over the world. In 2020 it has 60 locations where you can store your services.

It is also available for 140 countries. Soon it will have locations in Central Spain and Central Mexico.


In this webinar, held in November 2021 for our customers, we explain from the hand of Nacho Bellido, TAM & Presales of Encora, how to use Azure Site Recovery to have all our infrastructure replicated in Azure.

Encora webinar: Introduction to container technologies.

In this webinar, held in April 2021 for our customers, we explain from the hand of David Marquina, CTO of Encora, what advantages container technologies bring to the IT world and why they are an essential factor in our cloud journey.

We will also see the different most popular platforms on the market and what each of them offers us.

Encora Webinar: Kubernetes on Azure

In this Encora Webinar, held in April 2021, we explain from David Marquina, CTO of Encora in Spain and Mexico and Nacho Bellido, TAM & Presales Manager of Encora, everything we need to know about Azure Kubernetes Service.

We also discuss what advantages Azure brings and how this pay-per-use service will allow us to deploy fully managed Kubernetes services.

Azure Use Cases

Almacenamiento Encora Cloud


Store all your corporate information in the Microsoft Cloud. You will have archiving, long retention and high availability. You will be able to configure your storage in frequent or sporadic access, depending on its use.


Your corporate services can be published in the Microsoft Private Cloud. For example your databases can be published there and benefit from all its capabilities.

Azure Web App
Backup Cloud Azure


In the Microsoft Cloud you can have your company’s Recovery Site located anywhere in the world.

You can connect it to your production environment, either on premise or in the Cloud.


In this Encora webinar, held in June 2021, our TAM & Presales Manager, Nacho Bellido, explains the main features of Azure Virtual Desktop, some requirements and the most common use cases.

He also discusses the different functionalities offered, the “minimums” of the service, necessary processes and most importantly, how to integrate it into our organization. 

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is the most used and complete business productivity cloud in the world.

At Encora we are Microsoft Partners in Spain and Mexico. We can help you with your projects and we have a wide experience and own talent in the Encora Team. We guarantee you a top quality project, we train you and help you manage it if you need it.

For working in a traditional or telecommuting environment, with staff dispersed around the world, Microsoft 365 is ideal. It allows maximum collaboration despite distances or temporary non-concurrency. 

The Microsoft 365 suite is growing every day. Our customers who have implemented it rave about this solution. Integrate Office licenses with a pay-per-use that aligns with the evolution of your company.

Oficinas Web Encora O365

office 365 pricing increases

From Encora we help you to manage Microsoft 365 licenses to cushion the price increase.

Encora te ayuda a gestionar la subida de precios de las licencias O365

Effective March 1, 2022, list prices will be updated for the following products:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic: from US$5 to US$6 per user per month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium: from US$20 to US$22 per user per month
  • Office 365 E1: from $8 to $10 per user per month
  • Office 365 E3: from US$20 to US$23 per user per month
  • Office 365 E5: from US$ 35 to US$ 38 per user per month
  • Microsoft 365 E3: from $32 to $36 per user per month

These increases only affect licenses for companies, while those for education and personal licenses remain unchanged.



Microsoft’s cloud email services are becoming more and more complete and competitive. There are already millions of companies that choose to host their email services in Microsoft 365 to ensure a good reputation of the mail server and the company’s domain on the Internet.

After more than 14 years of success in large corporate email migration projects, at Encora we offer you all the advice and technical means to make your project a success.

If you have your mail in the cloud or in an on premise environment, whether in Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, etc. we will help you to migrate it to Microsoft 365 with the minimum impact on the day to day of your business.

Microsof 365 Encora
Microsoft Teams Encora


Microsoft Teams is the leading application within the Microsoft 365 application ecosystem, based on communication (chats/videoconferences), whether in group or private conversation. Teams is a collaboration application that facilitates communication, both internal and external, of the company.

With Teams we have greater flexibility when working on a project, as it allows us to collaborate with users from different departments and share more information in real time.

Teams allows us to interact with Microsoft 365 tools such as SharePoint, Forms, Planner and third-party tools from the same application, facilitating the use of users. Power Automate also integrates seamlessly with Teams.


Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) is a Microsoft 365 tool focused on improving people’s work productivity.

To do this, it offers the possibility of automating multiple tasks by combining different services and/or applications in the cloud and on premise. The main advantage of this Microsoft tool is the number of services we can connect. 

The different communications between the various products are carried out thanks to the available connectors, but custom connectors can also be created. It is a very versatile tool.

Power Automate Encora

All Microsoft 365 Services


If you need a licensing or functional audit of your Microsoft 365 environment in Encora we can help you. We have extensive experience in licensing and in accommodating on premise environments to cloud systems.

Licensing a Microsoft 365 environment will give you the peace of mind of complying with the law and not having unforeseen penalties. Encora can help you audit your O365 environment.

Managed Services

Let Encora Team take care of managing Microsoft 365 in your company. We will do it with the utmost professionalism, transparency and communication so you can focus on improving the competitiveness of your business.

At Encora we can manage your Microsoft 365 Managed Services with solvency and professionalism.

Exchange Migration

If your company uses Exchange or any other mail manager, switch to Microsoft 365 and greatly improve the availability and collaboration among your employees. 

With 14 years of experience in companies in Spain and Mexico we can help you with the utmost professionalism. If you don’t know the Encora team yet, ask for your mentoring and tell us about your needs.

Windows Server

Microsoft’s operating system for servers is in continuous growth and progress.

At Encora, we specialize in the migration of Windows Server domain controllers and file servers, as well as any other service hosted on a Windows server (DNS, DHCP, DFS, etc.).

From Encora we can help you in Spain and Mexico in your Windows Server projects and also offering managed services for your convenience.

Windows Server

encora webinar about
microsoft licensing

We would like to present a new chapter of Encora Webinars.

In this webinar, held in March 2021 for our customers, we discuss with Nacho Bellido, TAM & Presales Manager, how to correctly license the different Microsoft products: Office 365, Windows Server, Exchange, SQL, Terminal Server, etc.

We hope you liked it!

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All Windows Server services

We offer you administration services, tuning and reorganization of your Active Directory (Organizational Units, GPOs, permissions, etc.), which will increase the effectiveness of the daily tasks of system administrators and will give you a broader vision of your corporate environment.

License audit

If you find it difficult to know the status of your Windows Server licenses, in Encora we have extensive experience in performing licensing audits and propose to the customer an upgrade plan consistent with your current and future business.

Trust us and ask for your Microsoft licensing audit.

Managed Services

Let Encora Team take care of managing your company’s operating systems. We will do it with the maximum professionalism, transparency and communication so you can concentrate on improving the competitiveness of your business.

At Encora we can do your Windows Server Managed Services.

Maintenance and inventory

If your company is medium or large we suggest using Endpoint Configuration Manager. With this tool you can keep up to date your server operating system, your clients and many devices of your company.

Contact us without obligation and we will talk to you.