Testimonials Encora

Customers choose Encora to improve the security, data protection and availability of their services.

At Encora we understand the importance of facts over words. If you want a second opinion about our work, here is the most important one, that of our clients.

It is important to us that you know the opinion of our clients first hand, that’s why we have created this Testimonials page.


It is staffed by professionals with a high degree of technical expertise who provide real solutions to problems.

Encora has always been committed to offering a very high quality of service in all the areas in which they work, being a fundamental part of any project, and being able to generate a relationship of trust with the client.
Encora’s great technical and human team is always a pleasure to work with.

Transparency, Confidence and Closeness.

The Encora team is always available to help in any situation. They also take action.

Great staff and good service.

Encora is synonymous with guarantee, professionalism and commitment. Its experience and agnosticism ensure the best solution for any project.

Commitment and customer service.


The best technology partner we have ever had.

A secure value for the company.


Encora is the public’s wild card that always works and responds correctly. You know that whatever you do with them will work perfectly and to the standards that work best: (good, beautiful and cheap).

Working with Encora is guarantee of Success.

Don’t gamble with your CPD. Play it safe.

Encora is a company that combines experience, knowledge, know-how and a closeness to the customer that is hard to find.


If you’re going to jump, do it with a good parachute.

Professionals involved with their clients.

Highly reliable.

Encora is the ideal technology partner for your company, helping you to find the perfect solution, without depending on the supplier.