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Cohesity Backup and
secondary storage

Cohesity is a backup and secondary storage solution, immutable to ransomware attacks, cloud-native and easily scalable, as well as very simple to deploy and manage.

Are you thinking of changing your traditional backup? Do you need more secondary storage for your company? Do you need your backup solution to scale to the Cloud according to your company’s SLAs? With this innovative backup and secondary storage platform you can have a modern and innovative solution that helps you improve business continuity and instant recovery of your information, without worrying about Ransomware attacks, so common in all businesses.

Do you want to manage your data in a flexible way on a platform that adapts to your business needs? Cohesity will allow you to decide and govern where your data is, including public clouds, in a very simple and secure way.

It also simplifies all the hardware and software in your company around data protection. With this Swiss Army Knife, that’s all you need. And it’s a powerful cybersecurity tool, key to ensuring business continuity.

At Encora we are experts and partners of Cohesity in Mexico and Spain. We have extensive experience in migrations to this leading solution and we are certified in this technology. We study your case and prepare a free quote and also a Proof of Concept so you can analyze both the technology of this manufacturer.

simplify your cpd with cohesity from encora experts

If you are considering modernizing your data protection system, with this solution you will find a technologically leading alternative that will more than meet your needs, both in data protection and in local and cloud secondary storage.
Eliminate all the hardware and software solutions you currently use. Cohesity Backup has it all. Remember that we are a Cohesity Partner in Mexico.
In this video we show you how this solution will greatly simplify your corporate data protection management.

our cohesity services

  • Migration & Deployment

    We integrate Cohesity into your current architecture.
    We migrate your backup environment to the new technology.

  • Audit

    If you need an audit of your data protection system, we have extensive experience to diagnose the current problems and propose the best solution for your business.

  • Cloud integration

    We help you to integrate your backup in the Azure Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.
    Grow dynamically with minimum costs.

  • Managed Services

    At Encora we can manage your backup and secondary storage environment. We are multidisciplinary and we know the importance of the value of information and its connotations in the company. We are partners of Cohesity in Spain.

  • Backup As a Service

    We offer you the backup solution as a transparent service in which Encora takes care of the complete management of your data protection environment.

Encora is your trusted cohesity partner in Spain and Mexico

Complete copying ecosystem

Cohesity dramatically simplifies your organization’s data protection. Any critical system is protected by the same solution. Forget about having different hardware and software vendors involved in your backup policy.

  • Virtualization: vSphere, Nutanix, Hyper-V and Kubernetes.
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB and Casandra.
  • Aplications: Microsoft 365, Exchange, SAP Hana, Epic.
  • Storage: PureStorage, NetApp, Cisco and Isilon.
  • Physical systems: Linux, Windows Server, AIX and Solaris.
Cohesity ecosistema


Most common questions and answers we receive about this supplier

which company is it aimed at?

Cohesity backup is a modern secondary storage and backup solution, aimed at reducing operational costs (OPEX).

It is interesting for companies that have more than 20TB of backup or secondary storage.

Does it integrate with legacy solutions?

It has impressive support for traditional solutions. Still, to ease the transition, it can serve as a storage target for your traditional backup solution.

How is the performance of the platform?

It is based on a hardware platform, allowing to mix All Flash nodes with rotational disk-based nodes. 

Additionally, all nodes have NVMe disk-based cache, which guarantees high performance.

In our designs we always include an analysis of the performance and backup window that will be needed.

Let Encora’s Cohesity experts recommend how to get the most out of this solution in your organization.

what happens if I suffer a ransomware attack that affects my production?

Cohesity has a file structure designed for cyber attacks.

This makes the data protected by this backup unalterable against ransomware attacks. Even against human error.

In addition, the Helios management tool monitors the solution and warns us of any attempted attack.


As a minimum we need a cluster of 3 nodes, as it is a hyperconverged solution.

The Cloud or remote site solution does not have these minimum requirements. It also goes with the modern pay-as-you-go philosophy that financial departments like so much.

how is it licensed?

Both storage and backup are licensed per TB occupied on the platform (once deduplicated and compressed).

It is a flexible, usage-based payment.

You can use your contracted TB for backup of virtualized machines with vSphere, Hyper-V, etc. or for your Microsoft 365 or Kubernetes backup or DBs like Oracle or Cassandra.

What is growth like?

Once the solution is deployed we can grow node by node. There are certified solutions with our own hardware, HPE, Cisco and Dell.

With each node we increase in CPU, RAM and storage, which guarantees the performance of the solution and its scalability without difficulty and without limits.

Encora is your Cohesity partner in Mexico. We are close to you to advise you and we understand your business reality.

can i backup my services that are in public clouds?

Of course. Cohesity Backup has support for IasS and PasS services, as well as instances located in the main Cloud providers (Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud, etc.).

It also has support for SaaS solutions such as Microsoft 365, Cloudera, Salesforce, etc.


It is a masterful solution to protect your O365 backup. Instead of being licensed per user, like most solutions, it is licensed per TB stored, once compressed and deduplicated.

This data has been significantly deduplicated and compressed before being stored. Compare it with your current solution to see if it’s right for you.

do you backup SALESFORCE?

Salesforce is the most widely used CRM in medium and large companies. If you are worried about having a modern and unalterable backup to ransomware attacks of this solution and the cost of the backup, with this solution you have a very interesting alternative.

Indeed, you will be able to make backups without having to count the Salesforce licenses you have purchased, because it is licensed per stored space already deduplicated and compressed.

Use cases



This powerful solution includes Microsoft 365 protection by default in its licensing.

The licensing is not based on number of users but on deduplicated and compressed storage. 

You will not have to pay extra to license your corporate office and collaboration solution.

archiving and long-term retention in cLOUD

If your company’s policies require that we must store data for a very high number of years (for example 25, 50, 85…) with this innovative solution you will be able to comply with this regulation both for data and for our backup.


If you have problems with your backup solution, this solution brings you innovation in the treatment of your protected data and allows you to have a modern secondary storage system.


In October 2020 we conducted this webinar for our customers that we want to share with you on Encora TV. We talk about MS365 Backup strategy with this leading supplier of secondary storage technology and data protection for medium and large enterprises worldwide.

Our CEO Josep Ros introduces the webinar and gives way to our CTO David Marquina who explains why you should backup MS365 and the main features of this supplier as a tool for data protection and secondary storage.

Finally César Funes, Senior Engineer of Cohesity in Iberia explains in detail how the solution helps us to save money in medium and large companies simplifying our environment and making a very complete backup of MS365 as well as creating an immutable environment to ransomware.


If you are looking for an innovative and cutting-edge solution to protect your business data on a pay-per-use basis, we propose Cohesity BaaS.

No CaPEX investment, pay-per-use, flexible and with unlimited growth



platform managed by the supplier itself

Protect your data in cloud and on-premise, indistinctively

No additional cost for restoring data

With retention that adapts to your needs

Valid for any size of company

Cloud platform with the security that Cohesity offers on-premise.


Cohesity is a privately held company, headquartered in San Jose, CA. The company develops IT solutions related to data protection, both on premise and cloud solutions.

It was founded in June 2013, by Mohit Aron, who previously founded the data storage company Nutanix. The company entered the public market in June 2015, introducing a platform, developed to consolidate and manage secondary data.

In the month of February 2019, it founded its Online Store, to sell its applications on its data platform.

Its core product is DataPlatform, a hyper-converged backup and secondary storage application, which enables enterprises to consolidate the wide variety of tasks such as storage, archives, test and development, as well as analytics data, on the single platform of a cloud. It protects physical servers and virtual machines.

Source: Wikipedia.


Encora is a Cohesity Partner in Mexico. We are committed to this solution in medium and large companies around the world. It is an innovative and leading manufacturer of backup and recovery solutions for data centers. Thanks to its radical simplicity of management and unparalleled power in the industry, you will get a data protection environment experience at the level of the world’s top companies.

Ask us for a PoC and you will be amazed.


Gartner 2021

GigaOm 2022

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Want to try Cohesity Backup? Encora is a Cohesity Expert and Cohesity Partner in Mexico. We recommend that you perform a Proof of Concept (PoC) to see how this data protection and secondary storage solution adapts to your business.

You will be surprised. You will be able to eliminate most of the hardware and software elements involved in your corporate data protection process.

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