The invulnerable shield against massive account theft



If the company uses weak authentication methods, such as simple or easily guessable passwords, it is at risk of being compromised. Yubico provides an additional layer of security by implementing two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) through physical security keys.


Yubico’s security keys can help mitigate this risk, as they rely on hardware-based authentication and cannot be easily replicated or counterfeited.


If the company handles sensitive information or has critical systems that must be protected from unauthorized access, security keys can provide an additional layer of protection. Without physical possession of the key, even if someone obtains the login credentials, they will not be able to access the protected systems.


When a company has numerous employees requiring access to different systems and applications, managing credentials centrally can be a challenge. Yubico provides centralized management solutions that facilitate the process of setting up, issuing and revoking security keys.



As a partner, we are committed to providing solutions that make the digital world more secure and accessible to all. By collaborating with Yubico, we are able to offer a unique and effective value proposition that enables companies to boost their competitiveness in today’s business landscape.

Our partnership represents an extraordinary synergy that aims to redefine online security and catalyze technological innovation in an ever-evolving digital world.






Encora is your ideal partner to implement and take full advantage of YubiKey technology.

Our team of security and technology experts is committed to providing you with customized solutions and guidance through every step of the integration process.

From expert advice and selection of the right version to seamless integration, customized training and ongoing support. In addition, Encora works closely with you to optimize security, integrating YubiKey into your existing security practices and improving the overall protection of your accounts and systems.

YubiKey 5 Series

Maximum Safety, Minimal Complication

YubiKey Bio Series

Leading biometric solution

YubiKey 5 FIPS Series

Versatile authentication

YubiKey 5 CSPN Series


Security Key Series

Enhance the security of your online accounts

YubiHSM 2 & YubiHSM 2 FIPS

Cryptographic protection


Registration of your YubiKey

Insertion & Verification

Use on NFC Devices

To start using your YubiKey, go to the Security Settings of a compatible service and select the “Add Security Key” option.

On your computer, connect the YubiKey to an available USB port. Then, to verify your identity, tap the YubiKey. This ensures that you are a legitimate person and not a remote hacker.

On devices with NFC technology, simply touch the YubiKey. Once registered, in many services it will not be necessary to use it again after the first login.


Yes, YUBICO can assume any protection role in your environment, but it is not necessary or mandatory to dismantle the solutions you already have, they can coexist perfectly.

At Encora we are very adaptable to your needs. If you need us to install it for you, we do it and we also train you so that you can manage it on your own.

If you need the Encora Team to give you the extra energy that your team needs, with Encora Power managed services we help you reach the requirements that your management demands.

Of course. If you need a 24×7 proactive monitoring system in Europe or North America, we are at your disposal. At Encora we are agile, expert, transparent and very professional.

At all times you will be informed of any incident that occurs and its resolution process.


We help you effectively evaluate and adopt secure authentication solutions, improving the security of your systems and data while reducing the risks and costs associated with Yubico implementation..



Risk reduction




Technical Support


Training and adoption



YubiKey 5 series

Authentication devices that provide an additional layer of security by using two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) in various applications and services. Each of the variants in the series has specific features to suit different needs and environments.

Support for multiple authentication protocols

Including OTP (One-Time Password), U2F (Universal 2nd Factor), FIDO2 (Fast Identity Online), PIV (Personal Identity Verification), OpenPGP and more.

Password-free authentication

By connecting the key to your device and touching it (or pressing a button), a unique code is generated or secure authentication is performed without the need to enter a password.

Multi-platform compatibility

They are compatible with operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android, making them versatile for use on various platforms.

Support for open standards

Yubico has worked to ensure that its products comply with open standards in the digital security industry, such as FIDO2 and U2F.

YubiKey 5 NFC

It includes an NFC antenna that enables wireless communication with NFC-enabled devices such as cell phones and other electronic devices.

YubiKey 5C NFC

In addition to NFC, it also includes a USB-A connector for use with traditional USB ports.

YubiKey 5ci

It features a combination of connectors, with a USB-C side and a Lightning side. This makes it compatible with devices that use USB-C ports (such as computers) and iOS devices (such as iPhones and iPads) that use the Lightning connector.

YubiKey 5C nano

Similar to the YubiKey 5C, but in a compact form factor that can be left plugged into a USB-C port without protruding.

YubiKey 5 nano

Similar to the YubiKey 5 NFC, but in a very compact form factor. The YubiKey 5 Nano can be left plugged into a USB port without protruding, making it ideal for use in portable devices.


Yubico's distinctive hardware security meets a new user experience with on-device fingerprint authentication. The YubiKey Bio series, created primarily for desktops, offers passwordless and second-factor secure logins and is designed to offer strong biometric authentication options.

Fingerprint templates

Meets the most stringent hardware security requirements with fingerprint templates stored in the secure element of the key.

Multi-platform compatibility

It works out of the box with operating systems and browsers such as Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Chrome and Edge.

FIDO2/WebAuthn, U2F compatible.

IP68 rating

Crush resistant, no batteries or moving parts required.

YubiKey BIO

Designed for organizations that already support modern FIDO protocols.It is ideal for desktops and also enables fast and secure task switching in shared workstation and restricted mobile environments, such as in call centers, healthcare and financial services.

YubiKey BIO C

Similar to the YubiKey BIO, but in a compact form factor that can be left plugged into a USB-C port.


It is a line of security devices that comply with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) security standards. These devices are used for multi-factor authentication, data encryption and online account protection.

Multiple authentication protocol support

Such as OTP (One-Time Password), FIDO2, PIV (Personal Identity Verification), OpenPGP.

Secure storage of certificates and cryptographic keys


Assured resistance

Designed to be resistant to tampering and physical attack, contributing to their high level of security.

YubiKey 5 NFC FIPS

It includes NFC technology, allowing the YubiKey to communicate with compatible devices at close range. This variant offers the convenience of NFC communication for authentication on mobile devices and other NFC compatible systems.


This variant combines USB-C connectivity with NFC technology. This allows authentication via USB-C and NFC, providing versatility in the way the YubiKey can be used to secure different types of devices.

YubiKey 5Ci FIPS

It features USB-C and Lightning (for Apple devices) connectivity in one device. The device meets certain security and cryptographic requirements set by FIPS standards, making it suitable for environments requiring higher levels of security and compliance.

YubiKey 5C FIPS

This variant is designed with a USB-C connector, making it compatible with modern devices that use this type of port. It provides the same security and multi-factor authentication features as the other variants in the series.


This variant is similar to the standard YubiKey 5 FIPS, but has an ultra-small form factor. It plugs into a computer's USB port and is ideal for users who wish to leave the YubiKey permanently attached to their device without it protruding excessively.


This variant is similar to the standard YubiKey 5 FIPS, but has an ultra-small form factor. It connects to a computer and is ideal for users who wish to leave the YubiKey permanently attached to their device without it protruding excessively.

YubiKey 5 CSPN Series

Catastrophic security breaches make global headlines every day, and for good reason.

As a result, IT organizations IT organizations cannot rely solely on passwords for corporate data. They must adopt employee authentication and employee and vendor authentication, or risk becoming the next target..

The YubiKey 5 CSPN series eliminates account spoofing and facilitates and facilitates the deployment of strong, scalable authentication and protects organizations from phishing attacks. and protects organizations from phishing attacks.

Multiple cryptographic and authentication protocols

Including FIDO2/WebAuthn, FIDO U2F, Personal Identity Verification (PIV),
one-time password (OTP) to protect employee access to computers, networks and online services with just one touch. 

Two-factor authentication

Supports passwordless secure login with smart card and FIDO2/WebAuthn authentication.

Compatible devices

It works on all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and Linux, as well as all major browsers.


The slim USB-C form factor with integrated NFC capabilities and the ability to carry it on a keychain represents an efficient and practical technological solution. Its compact and versatile design enables convenient data transfer and wireless communication, adapting perfectly to modern life on the move.

YubiKey 5 NFC CSPN

The convergence of a slim USB-A connector with NFC capabilities in an easy-to-carry keychain form factor combines data transfer and wireless communication functionality in a single compact and versatile device. This solution offers convenience and efficiency in a variety of scenarios, from file transfer to authentication and contactless interaction.

YubiKey 5Ci CSPN

It offers a practical and efficient solution for users who own devices with different types of connectors, enabling a seamless user experience and avoiding the need to carry multiple cables with them at all times

YubiKey 5C CSPN

The slim form factor of the USB-C connector is perfectly suited to today's lifestyle, where portability and efficiency are essential. With the ability to carry it on a keychain, you can rest assured that you'll be ready to keep your devices charged and connected anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing convenience or space on your belongings.

YubiKey 5 Nano CSPN

It highlights the advantages of a slimmer USB-A connector design in terms of space savings, connection stability and user convenience.
This approach can prove highly valuable in a variety of contexts, from compact electronic devices to enterprise and commercial environments that require a secure and efficient connection.

YubiKey 5C Nano CSPN

It provides a number of benefits ranging from ease of installation to versatility of use and long-term adaptability. Its slim design and ability to carry multiple signal types make it an ideal choice for those seeking the perfect combination of convenience, aesthetics and functionality in environments that require reliable and effective connectivity solutions.

Security Key Series

The Security Key Series combines hardware-based authentication with public key cryptography to eliminate account takeover on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Multi-service support

It works with Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, password managers and hundreds of other services.

Two-factor authentication

Compatible with FIDO2/WebAuthn and FIDO U2F

Compatible devices

Works on desktop and mobile computers with touch-and-go authentication for cell phones.


The improved injection molding process results in the strongest and most durable security key on the market.

Security key nfc

It can be used for various security applications, such as:

● Two-factor authentication.
● Single sign-on (SSO): allows your employees to securely access multiple systems and applications with a single authentication.
● It can be used to electronically sign documents and transactions, providing a secure form.
● E-mail encryption.
● Password protection.

Security key c nfc

In addition to NFC, it also includes a USB-A connector for use with traditional USB ports.

Security key nfc

Security key c nfc

YubiHSM 2 & YubiHSM 2 FIPS

Both solutions guarantee cryptographic hardware security for applications, servers and for applications, servers and computing devices servers and computing devices at a fraction of the cost and size of traditional HSMs. and size of traditional HSMs.

Secure storage of keys and operations in hardware, with audit trail.

Extensive cryptographic capabilities including hashing, key wrapping, asymmetric signing, decryption, attestation and more.

YubiHSM 2 & YubiHSM 2 FIPS

● Physical Security: These devices are designed to be resistant to physical attack, including tampering and unauthorized removal of internal components.

● Hardware Security Module (HSM): They act as hardware security modules, which means that they contain a secure and isolated environment for performing cryptographic operations, such as key generation and storage.

● Key Protection: Private keys and other cryptographic secrets are stored inside the HSM and are never exposed to the outside world. This reduces the risk of exposure to attacks or information leaks.

● Cryptographic Interface: They provide a cryptographic interface to perform encryption, decryption, digital signature and signature verification operations. This allows applications to use the cryptographic capabilities of the HSM without having direct access to the keys.

● Security Certifications: Both YubiHSM 2 and YubiHSM 2 FIPS have obtained third-party security certifications, demonstrating their compliance with industry-recognized security standards.

● Secure Communication: Devices are connected via USB or Ethernet interfaces, and communication with the device is done securely to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

● Remote Management: Devices can be remotely managed and configured, facilitating large-scale deployment and maintenance.

● Standards Compatibility: YubiHSM 2 and YubiHSM 2 FIPS are compatible with several cryptographic standards and algorithms, making them versatile for different types of applications.

● YubiKey Integration: Yubico also offers the possibility to integrate YubiHSM with its popular YubiKey security keys, providing an additional layer of security for two-factor authentication and other operations.