Encora is your
reliable IT services partner

We offer companies a 360º vision of the areas of IT Services, Cybersecurity, Azure and Infrastructure. We have been accelerating the business of thousands of companies in Spain and Mexico.


We define ourselves as manufacturer agnostic, so we choose the most cutting-edge and innovative technologies for each project.

In addition, we work with our own resources that we train in Encora’s culture to give maximum satisfaction to our customers.

We analyse the best solution for your company’s challenge. We verify it with a PoC and we carry out the project with our Encora Key turnkey service.

Likewise, with our Encora Power managed services, we provide you with the extra energy your company needs.
Our aim is to satisfy your technological needs with solutions that improve your security, data protection and availability of your services, and to become your trusted IT Services Partner.

Encora Power is the extra power you need to manage your company’s infrastructure.

Shield yourself against cyber-attacks with the most cutting-edge technologies on the market. We help you in Spain and Mexico.

Encora helps you to migrate your company’s IT services to Azure with maximum guarantees. Your company more flexible and robust.

We listen to you and design the IT infrastructure you need to accelerate your business from ICT.

we are your multidisciplinary IT service partner

We are your multidisciplinary IT services partner. We work with the most cutting-edge and innovative manufacturers so that your company does not stand still and gains competitiveness.
We offer you these solutions that will improve the security, data protection and availability of your services. We can present them to you in a PoC, implement them as a project or offer them to you in IT Managed Services.


Cohesity is the innovative backup and secondary storage of the 21st century.


With Microsoft Azure you will have all the Cloud services your company needs to be more competitive.


We make sure that your company is protected. We educate your users and provide you with the best tools on the market.

More technology videos on our Encora TV channel.

Need more energy for your IT team?

With Encora Power 15K you have a whole team of experts at your disposal a team of experts for the cost of a junior resource.

proactive monitoring
24x7 in the enterprise

Prevention, detection and preemption

We offer an uninterrupted service of high quality and availability to all those companies that cannot have their IT infrastructure down and want to ensure a quality experience to the users of their Web applications.

get feedback from our customers

It is staffed by professionals with a high degree of technical expertise who provide real solutions to problems.

Jordi Grau

Fundació Privada Hospital de Sant Pau ▸ Director de Secretaria Técnica y Sistemas de Información

Encora is the public's wild card that always works and responds correctly. You know that whatever you do with them will work perfectly and to the standards that work best: good, nice and cheap.

Ramón Erkiaga

Serkolat Bide, S.L. ▸ Responsable de Sistemas

Encora has always been committed to offering a very high quality of service in all the areas in which they work, being a fundamental part of any project, and being able to generate a relationship of trust with the client.
Encora's great technical and human team is always a pleasure to work with.

Endika Eibar

Ingeteam Power Technology, S.A. ▸ ITs & Digitalization Manager

Working with Encora is guarantee of Success.

Víctor Freixo

All Options ▸ Senior System and Network Engineer

Transparency, Confidence and Closeness.

Alejandro Julvez

Loreto Mutua ▸ Responsable de Sistemas de Información

Service and treatment unbeatable.

José Luis Doncel

La Española Alimentaria Alcoyana, S.A. ▸ Information Systems Technician Engineer

The Encora team is always available to help in any situation. They also take action.

Mikel Muñoz

Serkolat Bide, S.L. ▸ Director IT

Don't gamble with your CPD. Play it safe.

Koldo Valle

Elecnor, S.A. ▸ Responsable de Seguridad y Operaciones

Great teamwork and good service.

Alberto Muñoz

Loreto Mutua ▸ IT Network and Infraestructure Manager

Encora is synonymous with guarantee, professionalism and commitment. Its experience and agnosticism ensure the best solution for any project.

David Farré

Grupo NUFRI ▸ Responsable de Sistemas

If you're going to jump, do it with a good parachute.

Gerard Agudo

PIMEC ▸ Administrador de Aplicaciones

Commitment and customer care.

Marc Molas

Casa Mas Alimentación, S.L. ▸ Director TIC

Professionals implicated with their costumers.

Sergi Sitjes

Genebre Group ▸ CIO

The best technology partner we have had.

Santi Galán

Happypunt, SLU ▸ IT Manager

Highly reliable.

Mikel Belaustegui

Ingeteam Power Technology, S.A. ▸ CIO

A sure asset for the company.

Miguel Ángel Amigo

Reference Laboratory ▸ Departamento IT

Encora is the ideal technology partner for your business, helping you to find the perfect solution without vendor lock-in.

Ricard Ibáñez

Reference Laboratory ▸ Departamento IT


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